Pierre Cavin

Co gérant

Coming from a family of farmers and winemakers from Burgundy, I turned to viticulture and oenology studies at the viticulture school of Beaune.

I later took over in 2013, associated with my brother Pierre, the Tonnellerie Cavin created few years ago by our deceased father Charles Cavin.

In 2008, sensitized by environmental issues related to agricultural production, I decided to support Bioma in the marketing of chemical-free products for agriculture and viticulture in France.

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Email: pierre@71042.eco


Henri Cavin

Co gérant

My family patrimony offered me from an early age an attraction for the world of agriculture and viticulture. Our mother from a winemaker family and my father, a farmer, both continued the family tradition.

The environmental issues facing our generation have led me to question the methods used by our elders. As a matter of course, I wanted to continue the path of my parents but bringing a modern and sustainable vision. I also want to support the farmers to offer them sustainable and profitable working conditions.

Our heritage is our strength, our generation to take care of it.

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Email: henri@71042.eco


Joel Leduc

Responsable commercial bretagne

After 16 years in a Breton company in agriculture, my vision of livestock has evolved considerably. From this experience, breeders have taught me a lot and I think livestock will move towards more substainable solutions for the respect of nature.

Farm Advance’s project and values correspond to this future, that’s why I have decided to join the team.

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Email: joel@farm-advance.com


Pacôme Boeglin

Technical manager and formation

I am really passionated by the world of wine. After studying viticulture and oenology in Alsace, in Burgundy and in Sauterne, I became technical manager within an exploitation in Saint Emilion on 12 hectares. Two years later, I became the cellar master of several castles on the right shore. In 2016, I’ve had the chance to vinify my tenth vintage; but also to try a new revolutionary product EPYCA commercialized by Wine Advance. It is a firm specialized in natural products in oenology from the group 71042; which owns Farm Advance. In 2017, I have finally decided to join this company in order to promote tomorrow’s agriculture. 

Téléphone: +33.(0) Email: pacome@farm-advance.com


Thomas Cussac

administrative and financial director

My studies were directed in the area of auditing, accountancy, and management control in Toulouse. I graduated in 2014 from a master degree from the Toulouse School of Management and the DSCG (Graduate Degree in Accounting and Management). I have started my carrier in Paris in January 2015 in a great audit firm. I held the position of senior financial auditor for four years; mainly for French groups in the distribution and services sectors (auto dealership group; wine and spirits merchant groups). In February 2019, I have joined the Farm Advance adventure, having auditing skills, and the knowledge of the essentials of this profession.

Téléphone: +33.(0) Email: thomas@71042.eco  

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