Kopros gives a better hygiene, a healthier atmosphere, no more unpleasant odors, ni more ammonia and less health issues.
— Mathieu Fabien, éleveur de 600 bêtes, Massongex, Suisse

Bilan financier

  • Increase of milk production thanks to the decrease of the percentage of milk wasted by cow (200l)

  • Removal of the pit costs; by fluidizing the manure.

  • Decrease of deceases: mostly foot-related issues (20%).

  • Saving chaff: the use of Kopros in stalls provides a mass reduction of chaff input.


Rapport d’élevage

  • Age of the broilers: 50 days

  • Weight reached by the broilers at the 50th day.

  • Daily profit in grams (of the broilers)

In 2006, G. Pomerleau raised its poultry as his colleagues.

Since 2007, he introduced a different feed in his farming which permitted an increase of his yields.

In 2008, the introduction of Kopros product provided him major gains profitability. Moreover, veterinary cares which include 2 vaccines - named bronchitis and Gumboro - have heen interrupted.


Analyse du lisier


By analysing the resulting values after 3 months of Kopros treatment, the rate of nitrogen has reduced by approximately 95%.